Intex safety ladder

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Intex safety ladder

Get in and out of the pool easily
Buy a pool ladder and stop clumsily crawling in and out of the pool. This way, you no longer have to crawl over the edge of the pool, so the pool edges have less wera and the pool lasts longer. A pool ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the pool. Intex ladders are easy to move, so you can choose where to place them. 

The pool is closed 
With a safety ladder, you can tell the pool is closed. You take away the outer steps and so the small children can no longer enter the pool. With a safety ladder or safety stairs, you don't have to take the whole ladder out of the pool, but only one set of steps. This is also ergonomically buch better and it saves time. 

Anti-slip is attached to the steps. This provides more grip and extra stability. The pool ladders are made of a sturdy steel frame and very solid plastics steps. On top of the ladders there is a handle, which makes it very easy to get in and out of the pool. 

Always go into the pool with clean feet
The weather is lovely. To cool down you go into the pool, afterwards you sunbathe. The sun gets too hot again and you go back into the pool. As you step through the grass, your feet get dirty, you go back into the water and the blades of grass lie at your feet in the pool. By using a footbath, you can avoid the dirty grass in the refreshing pool water. The Intex footbath is easy to install on the stairs. This also keeps the steps clean. The footbath also has an anti-slip bottom, which provides extra safety.