Adagio Pro Duravision

Adagio Pro Duravision

Duravision is a complete range of cleverly designed pool lighting. The innovative LED lighting solutions are equipped with high-quality components and the materials used make them very powerful, efficient and economical to use. All DURAVISION products are matched to each other for easy assembly and installation.

Quick connect: Highly reliable and easy to install. Equipped with its own connector with gold-plated contacts. The powerline wires can be inserted without stripping and secured with self-perforating contact screws.

Pressfit: House of Duratech designed this adjustable light mounting system which makes is possible to mount the pool light seamlessly against the wall, even when the wall penetrations are not perpendicular.

Ultra flat shape: Due to the ultra flat shape of the light, it cannot be used as a step to leave the pool. This prevents damage caused by heavy loads.

Noair: House of Duratech is the pioneer in resin-filled pool lighting. This unique proprietary process guarantees many years of leakage and condensation-free operation of the light. At the same time the internal reflection is eliminated, resulting in more light output.

Clickon: House of Duratech introduced this innovative concept with the easily interchangeable finishing rings for swimming pool lights. A wide choice of finishing rings is available for detailed personalisation.