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Brightled Weltico

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Brightled Weltico

The Brightled lights are very durable, economical and exceptionally light. They can be used both with a concrete pool and a concrete/liner pool. These lights will have a perfect and discrete finishin because they will fit optimally against the wall or liner. (25 mm without liner and 34 mm with liner)

The Brightled lighting is available in 2 versions
- 12 white LED lights
- 12 coloured LED lights

This lighting is very easy to install. The following is included with the lights:
- 1 cable of 2,4 metres
- 1 threaded adapter for mounting on the wall bushing
- 1 seal for the liner.

Do not forget when you want to integrate the Brightled lighting in your pool, that you do not only need the lamps themselves.
You also need to provide a control.

To operate the Brightled lamps, you need a 

  • ON / OFF control with remote control. You can use this for the white and the coloured lamps


  • Controller and remote control with 5 buttons. These can be used with the coloured Brightled lamps

On this page you can find the wall bushing, the lamps and the control unit.