Alkorplan Xtreme

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Alkorplan Xtreme

Alkorplan Xtreme

The Alkorplan Xtreme has an extreme membrane with guarantee on colours and stains is unique in the swimming pool sector. This liner makes the difference in resistance.

Swimming in an Alkorplan Xtreme pool is like swimming in a new pool every day!


Alkorplan Xtreme is available in various colours.


Alkorplan Xtreme is the only fully waterproof pool liner which comes with a 15-year written guarantee on ist waterproof properties.

Alkoplan Xtreme has an extremely dense protective barrier which covers the entire surface, both front and back. It cannot be penetrated by chemical agents or bacteria and is highly resistant to random grazing an scratching.

Alkorplan Xtreme is the first chlorine-resistant reinforced membrane, even under the most extreme conditions.