Roller shutter Aquadeck

Roller shutter Aquadeck

Aquadeck roller shutters

Leading for 20 years

At Aquadeck, there is a passion for swimming pools and a love of covers. Thanks to this ambition, they have been a leading manufacturer of automatic cover systems for 20 years. With care and craftsmanship, Aquadeck produces top quality slatted covers in-house. Their engineers look for the best and most beautiful materials, develop the smartest constructions and use the safest components. A high level of knowledge and years of experience are leading. But innovation is never-ending: it can always be better, smarter and more beautiful.


A range of benefits and possibilities.

An automatic cover serves several purposes: safety, functionality, energy saving, design, ease of use... and intelligence. Every aspect is equally important to Aquadeck. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you can with your pool because the cover determines the look of the pool and the garden. But Aquadeck goes further. With an Aquadeck roller shutter, you can count on a few extra distinguishing benefits in addition to aesthetics:


  • Anti-algae: The application of an innovative sluice technique creates refreshment and flow in the slat. Under the influence of the water treatment, algae are broken down and removed. When opening and closing the cover, water flows through the slits in a rotating movement through the coupling chamber of the lamella. The water lifts up the dirt and carries it away. A clever solution that makes our anti-algae slat self-cleaning.


  • Safety: Safety in and around your pool is essential. Aquadeck applies a range of safety features to the roller shutters. The three-chamber compartment increases the buoyancy of the slats. A grab handle directly under the water line can provide extra safety. Moreover, you can always open and close an Aquadeck cover electrically.


  • 100% Waterproof: An Aquadeck roller cover forms an elegant whole with your swimming pool. The production works with an innovative automated air drying method. This keeps the relative humidity in the slat chambers to a minimum and reduces condensation when using the cover. In addition, the slats are ultrasonically welded and coated with silicone. This guarantees 100% watertightness.


  • Extended guarantee on technique and slats: With Aquadeck, you choose top quality. Out of conviction for quality, Aquadeck has extended warranty conditions. They offer you a 4-year warranty on technology, a 2-year warranty on PVC slats and a 5-year warranty on PC.


  • Solar slats: Aquadeck has a high-quality range of solar slats. Solar slats are very popular. The lamellae have a transparent top layer and a heat-resistant black bottom layer in order to make optimal use of solar energy. The result? Heating costs less energy and the solar slats extend your swimming season.


  • Design: Close to be perfect! A closed Aquadeck roller shutter goes in harmony with your swimming pool and forms a beautiful picture. Aquadeck creates a sleek and luxurious design. There is an Aquadeck roller shutter for every project. The slats blend in nicely with the whole of your pool and garden and are available in different colours. In addition, we work with 2 types of materials: PVC and Polycarbonate (PC) for an even higher quality and longer life.


A perfect integration

Aquadeck supplies complete and automatic cover systems for every type of pool. Do you want to hide your cover in a niche? Or above or below the pool? Or simply a solution above ground? Aquadeck provides an ingenious system, and is easy to install and operate. Your cover is designed for daily use and requires impeccable reliability. Aquadeck is a top product. We ensure a perfect integration in the pool thanks to the different in- and set-up possibilities.


You can always contact us for more information by mail at or by phone at +32 51 70 22 93