Roller shutter Aquadeck

Roller shutter Aquadeck

Aquadeck slats

Automatic sealing

The Aquadeck slats are durable and of high quality. This cover forms a safe, elegant and durable whole for your pool. Aquadeck works with an innovative automated bonding method to minimize the humidity in the slat chambers during production. That's why there is less condensation in the slat chambers when using the cover. Aquadeck slats are by the way ultrasonic welded and silicone coated for 100% water tightness.

Solar slats

Aquadeck has a high quality range of solar slats. Solar slats have become very popular over the last years.

The solar slats have a transparent top and a heat resistant black bottom layer to make optimal use of solare energy.

By providing your pool with solar slats you extend the pool season and heating is hardly necessary.


Thanks to innovative slotted technology, as the cover is opened and closed the water is refreshed and circulated inside the coupling chamber, so that the dirt can be removed. A smart solution based on self-cleaning ability.

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