Floor protection

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Floor protection


Pool protection
With a ground sheet or floor protection, you give your pool and the ground protection. Protection against unwanted dust and dirt or stones. The stones and dirt can cause damage to the liner and in time cause cracks or holes in the pool.

Soft surface with the protection tiles
With the protection tiles under Intex pools, you will enjoy a soft pool bottom. The under pool protector serves as protection for the pool liner and the ground. With the pool tiles you can also make a path to the pool, so you don't have to walk with your bare feet in the grass, but your feet stay clean. The tiles are made of polyethylene and fit togeter like pieces of a puzzle. There are 9 pieces in one package and they measure 50 x 50 cm per tile. So with one pack of tiles you have 2.25m² of floor protection.

Always go into the pool with clean feet
The weather is lovely. To cool down you go into the pool, after which you sunbathe. The sun gets too hot again an you go back into the water and the blades of grass lie at your feet in the pool. By using a footbath, you can avoid the dirty grass in the refreshing pool water. The Intex footbath is easy to install on the stairs. This also keeps the steps clean. The footbath also has an anti-slip bottom, which provides extra grip and stability.