Landing net

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Sheet landing net Intex

Surface scoop net by Intex compatible with an aluminium telescopic rod by Intex length 239 cm, inner..

€2.90 Ex Tax: €2.40

Landing net Intex

Connects to an aluminium telescopic rod of Intex length 279 cm.Scoops up debris from the bottom.Deep..

€3.90 Ex Tax: €3.22

MegaPool deep landing-net

Scoop net with a large compartment for scooping in a strong frame.Can be combined with the following..

€17.70 Ex Tax: €14.63

Waterco Deluxe Pro leaf catcher landing-net

Ideal for removing dirt and debris from the surface and floor of the pool.The leading edge of the ra..

€16.80 Ex Tax: €13.88

Surface landing-net reinforced Xpro

Extra strong surface scoop net with a large edge to scoop up even the smallest piece of dirt.Size: 4..

€18.20 Ex Tax: €15.04

Mini bottom landing-net reinforced Xpro 46 cm

Mini bottom scoop Xpro is mainly used in smaller pools or spas.The scoop net is reinforced, which en..

€15.20 Ex Tax: €12.56

Bottom landing-net reinforced Xpro 46 cm

Extra-strong bottom scoop net that has a large edge to scoop up even the smallest piece of dirt.Size..

€18.20 Ex Tax: €15.04

Fine gauze bottom landing-net reinforced Xpro 46 cm

Kerlis bottom landing net with extra fine mesh Xpro can catch the smallest things of debris such as ..

€19.70 Ex Tax: €16.28

Landing net

Depth scoop versus blade scoop
To clean your pool, you need several cleaning tools. Detergents to clean the pool walls and loosen dirt, a vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom and scoops to scoop up the leaves and other debris. 
But there are different kinds of pools scoops, which scoop is best to use and when to use it. 
There are two types of scoops. A deep scoop and a surface scoop (leaf scoop). Do you need to have all two types of landing net in the house? Yes, because they both have a different purpose. 
With a depth net, you can scoop up the leaves that are floating around in the bath itself. With the depth net, you can 'fish' deep into the water for debris in the pool water. 
With a leaf scoop, you can only scoop up the debris that floats on the surface. 
Because the blade scoop net is tightly stretched, it takes a lot of dirt from the water surface.

Relax more in a clean pool
Imagine you are relaxing in the pool and the dirty leaves, flies and hair float past your body into the water. Relaxation is immediately far away. Relaxation is much better when the pool is clean and well cared for. 
If you clean your pool regularly, it won't take much time! And know that if you clean your pool, you'Il enjoy it twice as much afterwards.

Different ways to clean the pool 
There are several ways to clean your pool. You can clean the pool yourself, manually, with a manual vacuum cleaner, telescopic rod, brush, scoop net and floating hose. Or you can let a robot clean the pool itself. A robot is more expensie to buy, but you don't have to do anything except taking it out of the pool.