Manual vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum rectangular vacuum cleaner brush Kerlis 36 cm

The rectangular hoover brush from Kerlis ensures that the bottom of your pool is cleaned again.Lengt..

€18.15 Ex Tax: €15.00

Vacuum triangular vacuum cleaner brush Kerlis 35 cm

The Kerlis triangular hoover brush allows you to easily and quickly clean the bottom and corners of ..

€18.15 Ex Tax: €15.00

Round vacuum cleaner 41 cm x 8 cm x 15 cm

This spherical hoover is a manual hoover that works by connecting a flexible tube, a floating hose t..

€17.40 Ex Tax: €14.38

Manual vacuum cleaner

Clean you own pool? You can do it!
Als u uw zwembad met de hand wilt poetsen, moet u gebruik maken van een manuele stofzuiger. Op de manuele stofzuiger sluit u dan ook een telescoopstang en een drijfslang aan. Bij de manuele stofzuigers hebt u diverse keuzes uit verschillend modellen en groottes. U kiest zelf de bodemzuiger die u het meest ligt en poetsen maar!

Relax more in a clean pool
Imagine you are relaxing in the pool and the dirty leaves, flies and hair float past your body into the water. Relaxation is immediately far away. Relaxation is much better when the pool is clean and well cared for .

Different ways to clean the pool
There are several ways to clean your pool. You can clean the pool yourself, manually, with a manual vacuum cleaner, telescopic rod, brush, scoop net and floating hose. Or you can let a robot clean the pool itself. A robot is more expensive to buy,  but you don't have to do anything except taking it out of the pool.