Manual vacuum cleaner

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Round vacuum cleaner 41 cm x 8 cm x 15 cm

This spherical hoover is a manual hoover that works by connecting a flexible tube, a floating hose t..

€18.20 Ex Tax: €15.04

Fairlocks vacuum cleaner

The most efficient vacuum cleaner of its kind for the maintenance of swimming pools.Ideal for concre..

€126.00 Ex Tax: €104.13

Vacuum triangular vacuum cleaner brush Kerlis 35 cm

The Kerlis triangular hoover brush allows you to easily and quickly clean the bottom and corners of ..

€19.70 Ex Tax: €16.28

Vacuum rectangular vacuum cleaner brush Kerlis 36 cm

With this rectangular vacuum head from Kerlis, you will be able to clean the bottom of the pool very..

€19.70 Ex Tax: €16.28

Waterco Deluxe Pro swimming pool vacuum cleaner 28 cm

Cleaning leaves and dirt from the surface water to the pool floor is easy with this streamlined desi..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €18.60

Waterco Deluxe Pro flexible vacuum cleaner head 31 cm

The flexible suction pad has an optimal hydraulic balance.Made of flexible ethylene vinyl acetate ma..

€39.60 Ex Tax: €32.73

Triangular vacuum cleaner 30 cm

Hoover in the shape of a triangel with weights, transparent version with a protective vinyl bumper.W..

€16.50 Ex Tax: €13.64

Special shaped vacuum cleaner deluxe 29 cm

Hoover deluxe with protected vinyl bumper and weights.With this pool brush you can easily clean the ..

€9.00 Ex Tax: €7.44

Big vacuum cleaner 35 cm

Large hoover, in white ABS, with vinyl bumper, weights and side brushes.With this pool brush, you wi..

€12.60 Ex Tax: €10.41

Flexible vacuum cleaner 35 cm

With this pool brush you can easily clean the bottom and the sides of your pool and remove the algae..

€15.40 Ex Tax: €12.73

Reinforced vacuum head Praher Deluxe 30 cm

To keep your pool clean and tidy, you can use the Praher Deluxe bottom cleaner, also available in a ..

€41.00 €32.80 Ex Tax: €27.11

Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Intex

By regularly vacuuming with the rechargeable hoover, you maintain beautiful pool water.This hoover h..

€72.00 Ex Tax: €59.50

Drain pump, plunger pump for swimming pool

Empty your pool quickly and easily after the pool season with this Intex submersible pump.This subme..

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Manual vacuum cleaner

Clean you own pool? You can do it!
If you want to clean your pool by hand, you should use a manual hoover. To the manual hoover you connect a telescopic rod and a floating hose. With manual hoovers, you have a choice of different models and sizes. There are triangular suction pads that can easily clean the corners of your pool. Rectangular hoovers , with or without brushes on the sides, are good to clean the transitions between wall and floor. You choose the vacuum cleaner that suits you best and clean away! Do you prefer a hoover that does not require the use of a connecting hose? Then the rechargeable vaccum hoover from Intex is what you're looking for. The dirt particles are collected in a net, which you can rinse and re-use after cleaning the pool. However, it is important that this hoover is only turned on when it is underwater.

Relax more in a clean pool
Imagine you are relaxing in the pool and the dirty leaves, flies and hair float past your body into the water. Relaxation is immediately far away. Relaxation is much better when the pool is clean and well cared for .

Different ways to clean the pool
There are several ways to clean your pool. You can clean the pool yourself, manually, with a manual vacuum cleaner, telescopic rod, brush, scoop net and floating hose. Or you can let a robot clean the pool itself. A robot is more expensive to buy,  but you don't have to do anything except taking it out of the pool.