Vacuum hose

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Vacuum hose

A flotation hose is required for manual vacuum cleaning
To clean your pool manually or by pump, you need a floating hose. The floating hose should be attached to the suction point provided on the vacuum cleaner.
Then dip the floating hose vertically down into the water, do this gently so that the floating hose is fully de-aerated. Now you can connnect the other side of the floating hose to the vacuum cleaner of your pool, or if you don't have a hoover connection, you can connect it through the skimmer. And don't forget, cleaning a pool is a lot of work, but if you do it regularly, it's not that bad! and afterwards, when the pool is properly cleaned, you can enjoy it twice as much. 

Relax more in a clean pool 
Imagine you are relaxing in the pool and the dirty leaves, flies and hair float past your body into the water. Relaxation is immediately far away. Relaxation is much better when the pool is clean and well cared for. 
If you clean your pool regularly, it won't take much time! And know that if you clean your pool, you'Il enjoy it twice as much afterwards. 

Different ways to clean the pool 
There are several ways to clean the pool. You can clean the pool yourself, manually, with a manual vacuum cleaner, telescopic rod, brush, scoop net and floating hose. Or you can let a robot clean the pool itself. A robot is more expensive to buy, but you don't have to do anything except take it out of the pool.