Pool products

Pool products

Carefree pool enjoyment
Good water quality and a perfectly filtered pool are the most important prerequisites for enjoying your pool without worry.
To offer optimal water quality, we recommend five steps.

- Products for adjusting the pH values
The pH value indactes how acidic or basic your pool water is. For our body the ideal pH is as neutral as possible (7,0 - 7,4). In our product range you find products to increase or decrease the pH value.

- Products to disinfect your pool water
You can desinfect your swimming pool water with chlorine or salt.
With chlorine we always make a distinction between fast - and slow-acting chlorine.

- Products for fighting algae
We use 'Clarifyer' to combat algea.
This is a product that, in combination with a good chlorine shock, will make your water clear again. The product works for 3 days afer addition, which is usually sufficient to combat the algae.

- Flocculant
Flocculant will cause all the particles that cause your water to be cloudy to  flocculate together, making them easier to filter out of your water. Here there is a subdivision between flocculant for use with a sand filter or without a sand filter. 

- Additional products
We have an appropriate product for every problem with your water.

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