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Carefree pool enjoyment
Good water quality and a perfectly filtered pool are the most important conditions for enjoying your pool carefree.

Step 1: Adjusting the pH values
Step 2: Disinfection
Step 3: Algae control
Step 4: Flocculant
Step 5: Additional products

STEP 3: Algae control
Bayrol formulas for algae prevention have a broad spectrum of action and are effective against all types of algae. They are highly concentrated and therefore very effective even at low doses. The anti-algae products (Desalgine, in Belgium this is covered by the name Clarifyer) contain no chlorine and no heavy metals such as copper sulfate.

Bayrol Clarifyer Desalgine anti-algae 1l - 3l - 6l
Concentrated liquid algacide to prevent and combat the development and spread of algae. In addition, desalgine contains the integrated water brightening effect.
Use preventively:
Add 50 ml per 10m³ once a week.

  1. Highly concentrated: long-term effect against algae
  2. Water brightening effect
  3. Does not contain any metals (copper,...)
  4. Safe for the lining of your pool

Help my pool water is green and my walls feel slippery
Algae in the pool.

  1. Rub the algae off the floor and walls with a brush;
  2. Backwash and/or clean the filter;
  3. Check the pH and adjust if necessary, between 7.0 and 7.4;
  4. Perform a pool shock treatment with Chlorifix (add 75 gr per 10m³);
  5. Perform an anti-algae treatment with Clarifyer (50 ml per 10m³)
  6. Add flocculant (for Superflock Plus see p.27 or for Superklar see p.28;
  7. Run the circulation pump for at least 24 hours until the pool water is clear again;
  8. If necessary repeat the above operation so that the pool water is clear again.