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Anti-Lime liquid 1L gone=gone

Liquid Anti-Lime suitable for all swimming pools.Anti-Lime prevents problems caused by hard water or..

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Bayrol Calcinex anti-chalk 1 liter

Bayrol Calcinex prevents the precipation of calcium in the water.Bayrol Calcinex prevents the precip..

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Scale remover for blinks roll-down shutter 5 liter

Aquadeck slat de-scaling agent has been specially developed for the removal of limescale on slats of..

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Carefree pool enjoyment
Good water quality and a perfectly filtered pool are the most important prerequisites for enjoying your pool without worry. 
To offer optimal water quality, we recommend five steps.

Step 1: Adjusting the pH values
Step 2: Disinfection
Step 3: Algae control
Step 4: Flocculant
Step 5: Additional products

Help, I have calcium deposits on my pool!
Especially in city water you often find a lot of lime. Unfortunately, the lime also settles on the walls of the pool, pipes....
Fortunately, we, at Stesha Wellness, offer products to prevent lime desposits and products for a powerful descaling of all types of filters if the problem is already there.

Prevention of lime deposits
Use Calcinex as a prevention against limescale. 
Calcinex prevents calcium from settling on the walls and floor of the pool. Lime can do a lot of damage and is very difficult to remove after a long period of time. So deal with the lime problem quickly!
Calcinex also facilitates water treatment and improves water quality. The liquid product is highly recommended for use in areas with hard water. 
Add 300 ml per 10m³ Calcinex immediately after filling your pool.

Filter treatment
Use Bayrol Decalcit filter for descaling your filter. .
Fast dissolving granules for powerful descaling for all types of filters. Improves filtration.
Use Decalcit Filter at start-up and when overwintering.
First dissolve the granulate in a bucket of pool water, then pour it through the filter opening.