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Bayrol Superklar flocculant 500 ml

Flocculant for use with cartridge filters, fabric filters and replacement cartridges.Bayrol's Superk..

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Bayrol Superflock Plus flocculant 500 ml

8 flake candles in 1 kg.Flock candle for use in combination with sand filters equipped with sand or ..

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Flakes tool

Carefree pool enjoyment
Good water quality and a perfectly filtered pool are the most important conditions for enjoying your pool carefree.
To offer optimal water quality, we recommend five steps.

Step 1: Adjusting the pH values
Step 2: Disinfection
Step 3: Algae control
Step 4: Flocculant
Step 5: Additional products

STEP 4: Adding flocculant
Flocculant for crystal clear water. It holds very fine particles in suspension in the sand filter and prevents them from returning to the pool. These particles are removes from teh filter furing the backwash. 

Bayrol Superflock Plus flocculant 1kg
Superflock plus is a candle-shaped flocculant used in sand filters for effective prevention and removel of turbidity in the water. Due to its panned formula, superflock plus dissolves slowly, providing a long-lasting effect. 
Use superflock weekly for optimal results. 
Put weekly, after backwashing the filter, a Superflock flake candles in the skimmer basket, in overflow pools the flake candles in a net in the buffe tank hanging. 1 flake candle is good up to 50 m³ of water. 

  1. Pre-packaged candles, easy to use.
  2. Slow dissolving for long-lasting effect and crystal clear water
  3. With regular use you save on disinfectants
  4. Removes discoloration caused by copper and iron and prevents the formation of stains
  5. Stops the spread of algae

Bayrol Superklar flocculant 500 ml
Liquid concentrate for removing fine dirt particles in your pool water. Superklar has a fast clarifying effect and specially designed for filter cartridges. 
The built-in dosing cap ensures easy dosing. 
Use Superklar weekly (20 ml / 10 m³) for optimal results.

Bayrol Quickflock 1 liter
Bayrol quickflock is a liquid flocculant used in sand filters for a rapid clearing effect. 
It's the ideal solution for problems with highly cloudy water.
Add 100 to 200 ml per 100m³ pool water in the skimmer. 
Turn off the filter for 15 min. and then turn it on again. 
Filter as long as all impurities are removed from the water.