Winter ready

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Bayrol Puripool Super winterproduct 3 liter

Puripool Super is a concentrated and non-foaming liquid concentrate for winterising your swimming po..

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Winter ready

Carefree pool enjoyment
Good water quality and a perfectly filtered pool are the most important conditions for enjoying your pool carefree. 
After a summer full of fun and relaxation, it's madness to let the water from the built-in pool out of the pool. 
Take care of your water and that way your pool water will be good to use months later to make it another splashing summer!

Make your pool ready for the winter with Bayrol
With the help of the right products and explanations, you can make your pool completely ready for the winter and also ensure that the start-up goes smoothly again. 
When the water has dropped below 10°C, you carry out the winter preparation treatment. 
What should you do?

  1. Check the pH value and adjust if necessary between 7.0 and 7.4
  2. Perform a chlorine shock treatment with Chlorifix and run the circulation pump. This will ensure that the piping system is properly disinfected
  3. Add Clarifyer (500ml/ 10m³) and Clacinex (125ml / 10m³).
  4. Repeat this treatment at the end of January

Let the circulation pump run 6h/day and in freezing weather 24h/day.