Pressure tube and flexible

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Pressure tube and flexible


The power of the 'pressure tube'
The strength of the pressure tube lies in its length. The tube can resist pressure very well in its length. For this reason, the pressure tube is often used to work out constructions. When we think of a pressure tube, we often think of pipes in constructions works, but just think of our own bodies. Our own blood vessels and windpipe, tube of Eustachius... The shape of the tube is a perfect connection. 

Versatile tubes
Another advantage of PVC pipes is flexibility. PVC pipes can easily be laid in bends. If we look at price/quality, PVC is an absolute topper! PVC is reusable colourable and wear-resistant. PVC is used in numerous productions, for example swimming pools, sewerage and even toys. 

You will find all the necessary fittings for your built-in pool here!
A swimming pool needs couplings and parts to correctly connect the pipes of the pool. You can find all the connection pieces to do this correctly at Stesha Wellness, at a very attractive price. You can find our PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pool fittings online or in our shop in Houthulst. The connection pieces are always available with a diameter of 50 mm or 63 mm. If you ahve any questions, we will be happy to help you realise your dream pool as efficiently as possible. For those who prefer to have the work done, we also install pools from A to Z. For more information: or +3251/702293.

Crafts for big kids
A swimming pool is fun and relaxing, but it also needs some work. For the hadny harriers among us, working on the pool installation takes them back to childhood. Tinkering with large materials and now for real...
In addition to the various components such as tees, sockets, reducers, nipples, bends, pressure pipes,... you can also find PVC glue and pipe clamps.

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