Robot and vacuum cleaner Intex

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ZX50 vacuum cleaner trap Intex

Combined with the pressure of your filter pump or sand filter and this hoover, your pool is automati..

€73.00 Ex Tax: €60.33

Supa-vac under water vacuum and venturi vacuum cleaner

For above-ground, splash and children's pools, you can use this hoover to clean your pool.Can also b..

€42.40 Ex Tax: €35.04

Vacuum cleaner trolley Intex

In combination with the pressure of your filter pump or sand filter and this hoover, your pool is au..

€79.00 Ex Tax: €65.29

ZX300 Deluxe vacuum cleaner trap Intex

In combination with the pressure of your little pump or sand filter and this hoover, your pool is au..

€138.00 Ex Tax: €114.05

Basic maintenance kit Intex

Included in the basic Intex maintenance kit:- Vacuum cleaner with reusable collection net to catch d..

€13.20 Ex Tax: €10.91

Deluxe maintenance kit Intex

This Intex Deluxe Pool Cleaner is the perfect way to clean pools up to 549 cm in diameter.The scoop ..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €19.01

Maintenance kit for complete cleaning of your Intex pool.It includes a 239 cm telescopic aluminium r..

€21.50 Ex Tax: €17.77

Deluxe maintenance kit Intex swimming pool

Maintenance kit includes:- Aluminium telescoping rod included 279 cm for use with above ground pools..

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Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Intex

By regularly vacuuming with the rechargeable hoover, you maintain beautiful pool water.This hoover h..

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Drain pump, plunger pump for swimming pool

Empty your pool quickly and easily after the pool season with this Intex submersible pump.This subme..

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Robot and vacuum cleaner Intex

Cleaning your pool efficiently and carefree
With the Intex hoover cart, you have almost no work and your pool is clean again very quickly. The Intex automatic robot cleaner does the work for you, while you watch or do the daily housework. All you have to do is connect the pool cleaner to the filter pump and clean it afterwards. By using a pool hoover, you no longer have to worry about cleaning the pool.
The Intex hoover cart is made exclusively for use with an Intex pool with a filter capacity between 5,678 and 13,248 l/hour and 38 mm couplings.

Remove the finest sand from your pool or jacuzzi
One day a customer asked us what works well to get the finest sand and dirt out of the pool and jacuzzi. We recommended the rechargeable hoover and were told a week later that the electric rechargeable hoover works very well!
Now we can happily say that the rechargeable hoover sucks up dirt very effectively. Two interchangeable brushes are included with the electric hoover, making it possible to accurately vacuum the smallest corners of the spa or pool.
The built-in rechargeable batteries recharge within 50 minutes with a USB connection.

All parts of the Intex robot and hoover available
Through years of close cooperation with Intex, it is possible to obtain every part of the hoover trolley and rechargeable hoover separately from us. Let us know exactly which part you need and we will order it specially for you. When we receive the desired part, we will notify the customer as soon as possible, to ensure the best possible service!