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Ship Ahoy, tough pirates!
Immerse yourself comletely in the world of pirates with the right rowing boat.
At Stesha Wellness, we have many different inflatable boat. Would you like a big boat to sail over the sea, the river or the swimming pool with your friends, or would you rather have a small boat for your little angel? We have everything in our range. For the children there are the smal boats in figure. So they can have a sailing race against each other or if they want to play a bit wilder pirates, they can crash their boats instead of bumper cars. With the bigger boats, it depends on which one you choose whether all the accessories are included or not. We have boats with oars, inflating pump and seat(s) and we have boats without these.

Float together
It's great to float together in your own pool, but what a shame that you are always drifting away from each other? We have the ideal solution for this. With the River Run buoy, this is no longer a problem. These buoys are equipped with a simple click system, so that you can attach them to each other quickly and easily. Do you want to avoid getting thirsty? Then take along the matching cool box, which can also be clicked together. That way, no matter how far or where you float, you won't be thirsty.

Order quick and easy
Order your ideal boat quickly and easily online in our webshop and have it delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later. Do you prefer not to order online? Then you can always visit us in our shop in Houthulst.