Shawl collar

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Shawl collar

When to wear a bathrobe?
A bathrobe is a clothing piece that can be worn on many occasions. The idea of the bathrobe came about because it's practical to wear before and after taking a shower or bath. You are getting ready to take a bath, but the water from the bath is running, wearing your bathrobe will keep you nice and warm before you get into the bath. Even when you get out of the bath or shower, the bathrobe will make sure that you are dry and warm. The fabric of the bathrobe absorbs water quickly and keeps your body warm.

After the spa
The word wellness is often linked to the image of a bathrobe. Not undeservedly so, because you need to keep yourself warm after using the infrafred cabin. A bathrobe is also recommended after a visit to the sauna or jacuzzi.

Shawl Collar Bathrobes
The ultra soft shawl collar bathrobes are a must to wear in the evening. As well as being soft, they are also very absorbent. Swawl collared bathrobes are available in different colours.