Bucket and spoon

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Bucket and spoon

Why do you need a bucket and spoon in the sauna?
The sauna is a very dry room. Because the air is so dry, we can tolerate the heat. When the sauna warms up, you can take water from the bucket with a spoon and pour some water over the stones. Be careful here! The more water, the hotter it will get in the sauna. Try first with a little water and if you can stand more heat, you can add an infuser to the water, the infuser will spread the scent in the sauna.

At Stesha Wellness, you can find defferent kinds of buckets and spoons. We have many wooden buckets and spoons in our assortment. When purchasiing a wooden bucket, you should always remember that an insert bucket is required. A wooden bucket without an insert bucket will need to be replaced faster. Therefore you should always order an insert bucket with your wooden bucket. Unless it is mentioned that it is included. Furthermore you can also find aluminium and copper buckets. For these you do not need an insert bucket. We also always have a matching wooden or metal spoon in our range.

A wooden bucket has a capacity of 4 - 5 or 6 litres. The metal buckets have a capacity of 4,5 - 5 - 6 and 6,5 litres. Also the spoons have different sizes.

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