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Measuring time in the sauna
To give yourself a good sauna session and to be aware of time, a sauna hourglass is an absolute must! With the aid of a sauna hourglass, you can follow a good sauna session and spend the correct amount of time in the sauna. Our sauna hourglasses are available in various types of wood and shapes, and you also have the choice of different timekeepers. So you have hourglasses of 30 or 15 minutes.

As soon as you take a seat in the sauna, turn the hourglass. once it has completely run out, your sauna session is over. You should then leave the sauna and start cooling your body as best you can. When you are completely cooled down, you can enter the sauna a second time, if you like. Then you just need to turn the hourglass again to know how long the session has already lasted or may still last.

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