Menthol crystals

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Menthol crystals

What are menthol crystals?
Menthol crystals consist of crystallised menthol. The crystals have a particularly strong menthol odour and are colourless. The menthol crystals have various purposes, such as with a cold, in the sauna, in food, cosmetics,... We will go into more details about the use in the sauna. 

Functioning of menthol crystals
Menthol crystals are very refreshing and cooling. It purifies the air, increases attention, concentration and eases breathing. 
Menthol crystals have a positieve effect during studies, meditation, in work groups, with colds, flu,.. for asthma patients menthol crystals can be a real relief.

Use of menthol crystals
Menthol crystals provide a refreshing and cooling effect in the sauna.
Use only a few pieces of crystal. Menthol crystals can first be dissolved in a little water to be poured on or you can also put them directly on the stones. When pouring on the stones, you can also use an ice-cube to prevent the risk of fire. Because menthol vapour can theoretically case a fire hazard. 
You can apply a small amount of menthol crystals in an ointment to stimulate blood flow. You can also add menthol as an alcoholic solution in itch-relieving creams. 

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