Sauna accessories

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Sauna accessories

Accessories in the sauna are indispensable and give that little extra
To get the most out of your sauna, there are a few accessories that are essential. Think of a sauna pillow, a glasses rack, a coat stand, a heated floor mat, etc.…

HaLu cushion
With its four flexible, rounded supports, the HaLu cushion not only looks completely different from the traditional headrest, but it feels different too. Because the HaLu pillow stands on a base and the dishes mould themselves to the head, the neck and shoulders remain free. You hardly notice that there is something under the head, but the head is lifted in such a way that is provides a comfortable posture.

You do not slide off and the pressure from the head instead of the shoulders prevents the pillow from shifting. The head lies in a hollow, as it were, which means that the head does not roll over and stays in the position as you lay it. The neck muscles can relax completely. The HaLu pillow is a lot smaller and lighter than the traditional variants, which makes them a lot more convenient. The wooden HaLu pillow is the ultimate headrest for use in the sauna. More and more people are aware of its existence and are enjoying its comfort and ergonomics. The cushion is available in Aspen, Abachi and Red Cedar wood.

HaLu backrests
Sitting in the sauna is often not very comfortable. HaLu has therefore developed two types of backrests for comfortable use in the sauna. They can be used in the Finnish sauna and also in the infrared cabin. The basis of the backrest is to support you back and head without feeling any pressure points. The backrest is ergonomically designed and moulds itself to anyone's backn, so that it gives you an ultimate relaxed body position in the regular sauna or the infrared cabin.

The small backrest, just for your back, and the large backrest with headrest are both available in Aspen and Red Cedar. The wooden HaLu backrests are the ultimate backrests for use in the sauna. According to many people, HaLu wooden backrests are the ultimate backrests for use in the sauna. According to many people, HaLu wooden backrests are the most comfortable badkrests in the world

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