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Sauna oven

Alpha Wellness Sensations is the trendsetter in wellness, everyone knows that. That the company has been in existence for more than 40 years and has had its own metal department since the very beginning. There is not even another sauna furnace builder in Belgium. All infrared heater housings and standard sauna ovens are made in-house in the ultra-modern metal department whit punching machines, bending machines and various welding techniques. Since 2017, our own-brand sauna furnaces with integrated controls at the bottom of the furnace are available in 3 - 4,5 -6 and 8 kW.

With us, Stesha Wellness you can order the furnaces with or without integrated control.The Alpha Heat wall-mounted sauna furnace is available in 3 - 4,5 - 6 and 8kW. The Alpha Heat sauna furnace with built-in control unit is available in 3,5 - 4, 5 - 6 and 8kW. The controls, as described above, are located at the bottom of the oven. Thermostat, timer and light switch on the oven are easy to operate and extremely affordable.
Due to the increasing demand for freestanding ovens in combination with glass walls, Alpha has logically developed a new oven model. This is developed and produced entirely in their own company. The Alpha Home is compact and sturdy at the same time. Its modern design can be admired on four sides. These furnaces are available in 4,5 - 6 - 7,5 and 9 kW.

Before ordering a sauna heater, you should always find out how large the volume of your sauna room is. Based on this volume, you will know how heavy your heater needs to be. For heating 1-4m³, a 3kW heater will suffice. For a sauna with a volume of 7-12 m³, you will need an 8kW heater. If your heater is too light, you will never be able to create sufficient heat in your sauna, which of course is not what you want.

You can easily order your sauna heater from our webshop. Would you prefer to visit us and ask for more information? No problem at all. We are happy to help you in our shop in Houthulst.
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