Gloves and back strap

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Gloves and back strap

Scrub even better with a scrub glove and/or scrub back strap
Scrubbing is really great for your skin! To get the most out of the scrub, it's recommended to use a scrub glove or scrub backhand. By using an scrubbing glove and/or scrubbing backhand, the scrub goes even better and your skin gets a good exfoliation. 
The scrubbing glove or scrubbing backhand works quickly, delicately and effectively. Your skin has never been so soft! 

Nice as a gift with shower and bath products
Bath and shower products are often given as gifts under the Christmas tree, New Year, birthday, Valentine's Day... But a nice extra and not so common is to give a scrub glove or scrub band. 
By using an scrubbing glove or scrubbing backhand, you get the most out of your wash. This way, you remove all the dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft again. Rejuvenating your skin doesn't have to be expensive at all!