Sauna stones

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Sauna stones

Take care of the heart of your sauna
A heater is used to heat a sauna. In the sauna heater, stones are placed that are heated and over which water can be poured (during the sauna session). At Stesha Wellness, we have different stones available so that you can find the perfect matching sauna stones for your sauna heater.
So we have Alpha lava stones, which can of course be used with all Alpha heaters. We also have ceramic, granite, quartzite and soapstone sauna stones.

The sauna granite stone: This Finnish sauna stone Olivindiabas is extremely resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations. It has a very high heat capacity, so that the temperature does not drop spontaneously during the sauna sessions. The high density of the stones or blocks ensures that the sauna furnace does not become contaminated and therefore functions properly for longer.

The ceramic sauna stones are carefully made of clean, special ceramic pulp that is burned at a temperature of more tha 1300°C. They are therefore extremely heat-resistant and do not crumble. The ceramic sauna stones come in different shapes: tetra-shaped and ball-shaped. The tetra-shaped stones come in both large and small. These stones are used as top stones in sauna furnaces. The surface construction of the tetra-shaped stone guarantees intense heat. The ball-shaped stones are used in wood-heated sauna stoves and in those with a deep cavity for stones. The ball-shaped stones improve the convection of air in the oven. The heat will flow better into the oven.

Quartzite bricks: Are raspberry-shaped. Quartzite is a thermally and mechanically resistant material. Sauna stones made of quartzite are characterised by high thermal conductivity and a high heat capacity. This stone consists almost exclusively of quartz, which is known for its health-promoting effect on the respiratory organs.

Soapstone sauan stones: Soapstones from Finland are ideal sauna stones. Soapstone stores an enormous amount of heat. They therefore achieve a very pleasant climate and soft, very even infusions.

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