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Protect your eyes under the sunbed
Going under the sunbed is about taking time out to enjoy yourself. Prepare your skin for the first rays of the sun by spending some time on a tanning bed. It's also important to protect yourself properly. Protect your skin and protect your eyes. With a pair of tanning goggles, you can give your eyes extra protection and enjoy a tanning session in complete safety. 

Add a lovely fragrance to the tanning room
Taking time for a tanning session is a must for those who like to be well prepared for the sun. Going under the sunbed is relaxing. No work, no children,.. Just time for yourself. To take the relaxation to a higer level, you can use essential oils and an aroma vaporiser. By vaporising the essential oils with the aroma vaporiser in the tanning room, a deliciously relaxing fragrance is created. There is a wide choice of different fragrances for the essential oils. 

Hygiene in the sunbed is very important
Everyone who goes under the sunbed knows it. Under the sunbed it's hot and you can sweat a lot. Often, the drops of sweat are in sunbed. To remove sweat and any grease deposits on the sunbed, you can use gastroline cleaner, cleancaps sunbed cleaner or cleancaps sunbed disinfectant. 
Apply liquid cleaning to the sunbed with a spray system (also available from us). In order to win and retain customers, good tanning bed hygiene is crucial. 

Give your head a good rest
For most people, going under the sunbed is a source of relaxation. It gets wonderfully, pleasantly warm under the sunbed and you get a nice tan. However, it's also important to let your head and neck rest properly under the sunbed. With a Halu pillow, this is easy. The pillow adapts itself to your head and this ensures a comfortable position under the sunbed. In addition to comfort your head and neck, the pillow also ensures that there are no white marks on the neck. With the Halu pillow, you can tan nicely one-sided in the neck area. 
Hygiene is also very important here. The Halu pillow is therefore easy to wash.