400 Series

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400 Series

L.A. spa to suit every need
L.A. Spas are designed for your lifestyle. The latest technology is integrated into every L.A. Spa hot tub to ensure you have the experience you're looking for. 
Are you the adventurer who wants to dive into the world of hydrotherapy, the driven, hard-working person who wants to escape or do you just want to enjoy the company of other; L.A. Spas are built to meet everyone's needs. 

Premium Collection L.A. Spas
L.A. Spas premium Collection is the pinnacle of performance and design. With all the features of each L.A. Spas Premium Collection, the ultimate water management system includes a 24-hour circulation pump, ozone mixing chamber, smart heating and Aqua Klean filtration. They also come with Therm-Rite insulating 5" cover, antarctic foil liner, eco-friendly recycled insulation and sealed bottom pan. The visual appeal of the deluxe package is shown with the ultimate 4 FX fountains, dynamic LED lighting, water FX, control valves and stainless steel jets. 

Ultimate Water System management
The Circulation Pump is virtually silent and requires only a fraction of the power of traditional circulation pumps. As water circulates in the pump, electricity is produced. This current is converted into heat. This provides extra heat for your spa, so your heater has to work less and you save money! 
The heat pump lets the water flow at its maximum speed. This he claims all the heat for your spa. This specially designed model prevents lime and corrosion deposits. 
The Mixing Chamber is essential to the maintenance system of L.A. Spas. Our specially designed design ensures that maximum ozone is delivered. The contact is formed by millions of tiny ozone bubbles, which are extremely necessary for proper water treatment. In conjunction with our proprietary Aqua Klean Filters, the chemical usage of your spa is greatly reduced. 

Aqua Klean Filter
The Aqua Klean Filter is the foundation of L.A. Spa's clean water technology and is fitted as standard on every spa.The patented Aqua Klean Filter allows the water to flow without restriction. This is in contrast to standard filters, which usually use a bypass system to achieve the same amount of flow. 
The maximum effect of the Aqua Klean Filter and the Ultimate Water System Management ensures 100% natural water purity. 
*The Ultimate Water System Management is only available on the premium models.