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Intex spa

Enjoying the roof terrace with an inflatable jacuzzi
An inflatable jacuzzi is ideal for placing on your roof terrace to enjoy. This is in contrast to a 'large' jacuzzi, which makes a big difference in weight. 
Besides weight, the size of the spa also plays an important role. 
An inflatable spa is in most cases smaller than a fixed jacuzzi. 

Three different spas
Amon the inflatable spas of Intex, there are three types to choose from. 
The first type is the PureSpa with bubbles. The bubbles come from the bottom of the spa to the top. This way you can feel the bubbles gliding over your body, which is a very relaxing feeling. 
The second type is the PureSpa with jets. There is one jet per person that gives a wonderful massage on the back. 
The third type is a combination of bubble and jets. So you can enjoy both relaxing facets.