Intex spa maintenance / Filter

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Intex spa maintenance / Filter

Water filtration
The water from the spa passes through the filter cartridge and the dirt remains in the filter. This is how the water is filtered. Because dirt remains in the filter, the filter becomes dirty and it's important that the filter is regularly cleaned and replaced. 
The biggest dirt from the filter cartridge can be easily removed by rinsing it out. 
Using the Filter Clean product, you can soak the filter cartridge overnight to clean the filter. 
The Filter Clean removes dirt, oil, grease and limescale. 

Clean your spa
Relaxing in a 'dirty' spa is difficult, so make time to clean your spa and then relax all the more from your jacuzzi experience. 
To get your spa water clean, you will need to level your water with chlorine and pH. 
Adjust your pH first, then your chlorine. 
Keeping water clean with chemicals alone will not work. There may be sand at the bottom of the spa or dirt clinging to the spa walls. 
Using an underwater vacuum cleaner, scoop net, brush,... you can get the clean. With the vacuum cleaner you can remove all the dirt from the bottom and with the brush you loosen the dirt from the walls. 
Relaxation in a clean spa guaranteed!