Spa Naturals dead sea salt

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Spa Naturals dead sea salt

Activate your sense of smell
Relaxing in your jacuzzi is an experience for the senses. You see and hear the gentle bubbling of the water, inviting you to sit back and relax. You feel the massaging effect of the jets on your skin as your muscles gradually release their tension. There is another sense you can activate to immerse yourself even deeper in this tranquillity: your sense of smell. You can add another sensory dimension to your jacuzzi by using aromatherapy fragrances.

Do not use any essential oils in a jacuzzi
The filter systems keep the water clean so you only need to change it every few months. However, adding oils or other substandes that cannot be removed by filtration will lead to fouling and other problems over time.
A good rule of thumb: If a product is not specifically intended for use in a jacuzzi, do not add it to your jacuzzi water.

Use the right products for aromatherapy in the jacuzzi.
Aromatherapy products designed specifically for use in a jacuzzi come in a variety of scents and colours. At Stesha Wellness, you can find an extensive range of fragrances. These fragrances are designed with both your relaxing experience and respect for the proper functioning of your jacuzzi in mind. We also have bathsalt with fragrances in our range. These are from Spa Naturals and Spa Pearls.

Choose the right scent.
Of course, your personal preference plays an important role in choosing your fragrance. But not only the fragrance is important. Each fragrance also has a unique effect on your body and mind.
For example: Eucalyptus for ultimate freshness and vitality, Lavender is very relaxing,...

Spa Naturals Dead Sea bath salts
Straight from the southern Dead Sea in Israel. Our 100% natural blend contains 10 times more minerals than crystals. 
These minerals naturally help cleaning, detoxify and restore the health of your body.