Cleaning product

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Cleaning product

Maintain your spa properly and enjoy a longer life.
The more you maintain something, the longer it will last. This also applies to a spa.
Discover all products from our range that can help.

Products to protect your tub and cover
With the Spa Line Polish you give a deep shine to the spa surface and make it water-repellent.
To restore and protect the cover of your spa against weather influences, bleaching and discolouration, use the Leisure Time Cover care and conditioner.

Products for the filter
In addition to products to properly protect the spa shell, you can also take extra care of the filter, so you can use it longer.
The concentrated formula in the Filter Clean provides for deep filter cleaning, removing dirt, oil, grease an limescale.

The spa line filter net can also be used to give your filters a thorough cleaning.

With the Estelle cleaning system, cleaning the filter becomes extra easy. You place the filter to be cleaned in the device, connect it to a water tap and turn on the tap. Then, within a minute, the filter is perfectly clean again for hygienic bathing pleasure. In total, you can clean your filters at least 150 times using Estelle. This can seriously reduce the cost of new filters.

Deposits at the water line
Do you have some problems with a dirty edge at the water line? Then the Spa Line Citrus cleaner can help you to remove the dirt easily. Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned. Rub in with a wet sponge and then remove the product. In our assortment you will also find the necessary sponge to clean your spa properly.