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Help, I have a problem with my water, what now?
Jacuzzi water treatment is best done by filtering, chlorination and pH adjustment.
If you take these three factors into account, you're already doing a good job of getting good water. But ... It may be that there are still problems. Know that there is a solution for every problem, but inform yourself before adding any product to the water, because a cacophony of different products and incorrect water treatment can lead to water saturation. If the water is saturated, letting the water out and adding fresh water to the spa tub is the only solution...

Help, I have scale on my spa
Chalk in the water causes lime buildup on spa pipes and equipment. The solution to this, which can also be used preventively, is Defender. 
Defender prevents any kind of chalk scale formation. The product works preventively, but also as a problem solver to remove existing scale. Use defender weekly for proper protection. 

Help, there are small particles floating around in my jacuzzi water
Are there small, floating particles accumulating in the water? If so, use Bright and Clear Water Clarifier. This is the ideal solution ro remove the particles that are too small to filter from the hot water. 

Help, I get stains on my spa tub by iron, copper and other minerals
Metal gon
is the solution!
Metal gon absorbs iron, copper and other minerals and prevents discoloration of the spa surface. Use this product each time you fill the spa to neutralize metals and prevent stains. 

Help, I'm not in a jacuzzi, I'm in a foam bath! 
If there is a lot of foam in the spa, Foam Down is the ideal solution! 
Foam Down is specifically designed for hot water applications. The product doesn't feel greasy and is a concentrated product to suppres foam. 

Help, my water has an unpleasant odor
The ideal solution for this is Renew non-Chlorine shock. 
Renew non-chlorine shock is a shock treatment without chlorine that removes unpleasant odors and irritating contaminants. 

Help, my alkalinity value needs to be raised
To increase alkalinity, you need to use Alkalinity increaser
Alkalinity is critical to controlling pH levels. Alkalinity Increaser increases the alkalinity value to prevent corrosion of spa equipment. 

Help, my water hardness needs to go up and I have calcium in my water
Calcium Booster
 increases the water hardness and suppresses foaming. Calcium booster also prevents corrosion to the equipment.