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Wide choice of different sponges at bargain prices!
In our wide range, you will find both sponges and scouring pads in all different thicknesses, colours and finishes. Normal sponges are used for polishing large surfaces or washing the car. In addition, scouring sponges are used to scour stubborn dirt, this is possible because scouring sponges are provided with a scouring fleece, which is handy for doing the dishes, so that you can get dirty pans and bowls clean again for sure. You can also use the steel or stainless steel sponges.

Stesha Wellness, offering wellness in the broadest sense of the word.
The word 'wellness' often conjures up thoughts of saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths, etc., but your don't have to look that far. Wellness also means making things as easy and comfortable as possible for yourself. that is why we also offer articles that optimise the hygiene around you. You can find our wide range online on our webshop or in our shop in Houthulst, the choice is yours!