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Feel like a fish in the water quickly
A swimming set offers you everything to feel like a fish in the water quickly. A nose mask, a snorkel and some swimming sets also include flippers. With your mask, you can see like a fish underwater. With a snorkel you can breathe underwater for hours, like a real fish. And with flippers, you can swim very fast. So a swimming set is a must have for every water rat! 

Nice gift to give and to get
An ideal gift for a water rat is a swimming set. A swimming set contains everything you need. Goggles, a snorkel and sometimes even matching flippers. A swimming set is also handy for travelling. At Stesha Wellness, you can quickly order a swimming set in our online shop, and it will be delivered to your home within a week. Or drop by our spacious pick-up point and take a look at the different sets. The swimming sets are displayed in our collection point, so that you can compare and look at them properly.