Terms of sale

Terms of sale

Company details

Stesha Wellness is a trade name of BVBA Prinzie Stefaan

Head office: Eugene de grootelaan 2B 8650 Houthulst

Fax. 051/704570

VAT 0476.673.440


Registration number:


Article 1: General provisions

The e-commerce website of Stesha Wellness, a BVBA with registred office at Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst, VAT BE 0476.673.440, RPR Veurne, Stesha Welness offers its customers the opportunity to purchase products from its online shop. 

These General Terms and conditions are applicable to any order placed by a visitor to the Stesha Wellness e-commerce website. When placing an order through the website of Stesha Wellness, the client must explicitly accepte these terms of conditions, this means agreeing to their applicability to the exclusion of any other conditions. Any other conditions of the client are excluded, unless the have been previously, explicitly and in writing accepted by Stesha Wellness. 


Article 2: Price

All prices mentioned are in euros, and always include VAT and all other compulsory charges or taxes to be borne by the customer. For all materials that need to be custom-made, a price quotation mut always be requested via info@stesha-wellness.com or via the website form, which is also used for the articles where it is mentioned that the price is on request. 

If delivery, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this will be indicated separately. Delivery costs depend on the weight of your order and on the dimensions of the items ordered. Should these costs be increased for any reason, the customer will be informed by e-mail and must confirm this by e-mail before the package will be shipped. 

The price stated refers exclusively to the articles as described word for word. The accompanying photos ar intended for decoration and may contain elements that are not included in the price. 


Article 3: Offers

Despite the fact that the online catalogue and the e-commerce website are compiled with the greatest possible care, it is still possible that the information offered is incomplete, contains material errors or it is not up-to-date. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer are not binding to Stesha Wellness. Stesha Wellness is only bound to a best-effort obligation as far as the accuracy and completeness of the offered information are concerned. Stesha Wellness will not be held liable in any case of obvious material errors, printing errors or mistakes.

If the client has specific questions about e.g. sizes, colours availability, delivery time or delivery methode, we request the client to contact our customer service department beforehand on 051/702293 or at info@stesha-wellness.com

the offer is valid while stocks last and can be adapted or withdrawn Stesha Wellness at any time. Stesha Wellness cannot be held liable for the unavailability of a product. If an offer has a limited validity or is made under certain conditions, this will be explicitly mentioned in the offer.  


Article 4: Online purchases

When you click on the desired article on our website, you will see the product description and you can fill in the desired number of pieces, then click on 'in cart' and this product will automatically end up in your shopping cart, the shopping cart can be found at the top of every page. You can continue shopping or use 'the shopping cart' to place your order. When you have finished shopping, you always go to your shopping cart to continue your order, otherwise your order is not placed. When you arrive at your shopping cart, you will see an overview of the desired products and quantities. You can also calculate the shipping costs, change your order or adjust the quantities. If you agree and everything is correct according to you, click on the checkout. Then, you have the choice to create an account or not if you buy for the first time on our website, if you bought from us before and created an account you can just login. When you click 'continue' you only have to fill in your billing details, if you log in, these details are already mentioned. Always check carefully if everything is filled in correct. You can send the shipment to the same address as the beilling address or to another address, on the page you can click your choice, default is always sent to another address. After having filled this in, click on "continue" again. Now you come to the shipping method, here get the choice between delivery at home or pick-up in the shop. After having clicked on your choice, click on 'continue' and you will be asked to make a choice for payment, you have the possibility to pay by bank transfer, credit card, debit card or via paypal. After checking this choice and clicking on 'continue' you will see an overview of your order to check if everything is entered correctly. If everything is correct, you can complete your order by clicking on "place order". You will now see on your screen that  your order has been received. 

The customer has the choice between the following payment methods: 

  • By credit card
  • By bank card
  • Paypal
  • By bank transfer on account

IBAN: BE81 7380 4146 7724


Stesha Wellness is entitled to refuse an order due a serious shortcoming on the part of the client with regard to orders involving the client. 


Article 5: Delivery and execution of the agreement

The delivery of parcels takes place as quickly as possible in order to serve the cliënt fast. As soon as we have received the payment, your parcel will be shipped quickly, if the product is in stock, the delivery will take place immediately and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to those who have paid by bank transfer. 

The delivery of percels is done exclusively in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, unless otherwise agreed with Stesha Wellness. For size weights or special dimensions of purchased goods, there may be an extra transport cost, which the client will be informed about before the shipment, so that he can still refuse the order. The customer must therefore first approve the additonal transport costs. 

The user may either have his order delivered to his home or to a third party's address (clearly indicating his name and address). 

Stesha Wellness undertakes to deliver the ordered items as soon as possible. The average delivery time for products on stock is 1 to 7 days. A slightly longer delivery time applies to products that are not in stock. For urgent matters, please contact us before you place your order to make sure it is in stock. 

Any delivery problem or damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery on the number 051/702293 or from abroad +3251702293. 

We will then ensure that a new article is sent as soon as possible. If, after verification, the products are under guarantee, we will reimburse the shipping costs if the products were returned via a Stesha Wellness transport service, provided that a transport label is available on request from Stesha Wellness after payment of the returning shipping costs. If the product is not under guarantee, the customer will have to pay the return shipping costs and the shipping costs for the new product. Only Stesha has te right to decide whether or not to issue a guarantee, and it does so in consultation with the manufacturer. No discussion is possible afterwards. 

We try to inform you as soon as possible about the time of delivery by e-mail or to provide you with a track and a trace code to follow up the delivery status. 

If you are not at home or if the parcel is not picked up at the post office, it will automatically reach us again and we will charge shipping and handling fees to send your parcel a second time. 

If you give us an incorrect delivery address and the parcel is returned to us, the second delivery charge will be charged to the client anyway, so please check that you have entered the correct details before placing the order. 

Delivery is made by Bpost, Wim Bosman or Stesha Wellness itself. Shipping costs depend on weight and dimensions. 

see https://www.stesha.be/shipping-and-delivery.html

Prices are always subjected to price increases, the client will be informed and Stesha Wellness will always await approval before shipping. 

Unless otherwise agreed or expressly provided, the goods will be delivered to the customer's home within 30 days of receipt of the order. If there is a longer delivery time, Stesha Wellness will inform the customer accordingly. We strive to deliver as quickly as possible.

Any visible damage and/or quality defects of an item or any other shortcomings in the delivery must be communicated by the client to Stesha Wellness without delay. 

The risk of loss or damage is transferred to the client as soon as he takes physical possession of the goods. However, the risk is already transferred to the customer upon delivery to the transport company. If the transport company has been instructed by the customer to transport the goods and if this choice was not offered by Stesha Wellness. 


Article 6: Retention of title

The delivered items remain the excclusive property of Stesha Wellness until full payment by the customer. 

The customer agrees, if necassary, to inform any third parties of Stesha Wellness' retention of title, e.g. anyone who might seize items not paid for in full. 


Article 7: Right of withdrawal

The provisions of this article apply only to clients who purchase  items online from Stesha Wellness in their capacity as consumers. 

The client has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calender days without giving any reason. 

The withdrawal period expirec 14 calender days after the day on which the client or a third party appointed by the client, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the goods. 

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must inform Stesha Wellness, Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst, +3251702293, info@stesha-wellness.com by an unequivocal statement (e.g. written post or e-mail) of his decision to withdraw from the contract. The customer may, but is not obliged to, use the attached model withdrawal form for this purpose. 

The customer may also fill in the model withdrawal form or any other clearly worded statement electronically and send it via our website www.stesha.be. If the customer an acknowledgement of receipt of such a withdrawal on a durable medium (e.g. by e-mail).

To comply with the withdrawal period, the client must send his communication concerning his exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired. 

The client must return or hand over the goods to Stesha Wellness, Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst, without delay and in any case not later than 14 calender days from the day on which he notifies Stesha Wellness of his decision to withdraw from the contract. The client is on time if he returns the goods before the period of 14 calender days has expired. 

The direct costs of returning the goods shall be charged to the customer. 

If the customer so wishes, we can come and collect the goods from the customer's premises, the costs of which are equal to the delivery costs for this purpose the products must always be in the same packing condition as when they were delivered to the customer, otherwise there will be an increase in the transport costs to the disadvantage of the customer. The client must reimburse Stesha Wellness for the transport costs before Stesha Wellness will give the order to the transport company to pick up the goods. The withdrawal form must be clearly filled in and securely attached to the return package. 

If the returned product is devalued in any way, Stesha Wellness reserves the right to hold the client liable and to claim compensation for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the client's use of the goods beyond what is necassary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. 

Only items that are in their original packaging, together with all accessories, instructions for use and invoice or proof of purchase may be returned. 

If the customer has requested that the provision of services begins during the withdrawal period, the customer shall pay an amount in proportion to what has already been delivered at the time of notifying us that he is withdrawing from the contract, compared with the full performance of the contract.

If the customer withdraws from the contract, Stesha Wellness will refund all payments received from the customer up to that point, including the standard delivery charge, within a maximum of 14 calender days after Stesha Wellness is informed of the customers decision to withdraw from the contract. In case of sales contracts, Stesha Wellness may wait until all the goods have been returned, or until the client has proven that he has proven that he has returned the goods, whichever comes first, before refunding them, except if Stesha Wellness picks up the goods. 

Any additional costs resulting from the client's choice of a different method of delivery than the least expensive standard delivery offered by Stesha Wellness will not be refunded. 

Stesha Wellness will reimburse the customer by the same payment method of the initial transaction, unless the customer explicitly agrees otherwise; in any case, the customer will not be charged for such reimbursement. 

The customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for: 

  • Service contracts after the complete execution of the service. 
  • The supply or provision of goods or services whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market over which Stesha Wellness has no influence and which may occur within the withdrawel period; 
  • The supply of goods made to the customer's specifications or clearly intended for a specific person, such as customised materials as covering sails, the dimensions of which are sent by e-mail to Stesha Wellness for production. 
  • The delivery of goods that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life;
  • The delivery of sealed goods that are not fit to be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and whose seal has been broken after delivery. 
  • The delivery of goods that are irrevocably mixed with other products after delivery due to their nature. 
  • Contracts where the client has specifically requested Stesha Wellness to visit him in order to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance. 
  • The delivery of sealed audio and sealed video recordings and sealed computer software, the seals of which have been broken after delivery. 
  • Contracts concluded at a public auction. 
  • The provision of accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of goods, car rental services, catering and services related to leisure activities if the contracts provide for a specific date or period of performance .
  • The supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the customeres express prior consent and provided that the customer has acknowledged that he thereby loses his right of withdrawal (e.g. downloading music, software). 


Article 8: Guarantee 

Under the act of 21 September 2004 on the protection of consumers when selling consumer goods, the consumer has legal rights. This legal guarantee applies from the date of delivery to the first owner. Any commercial guarantee leaves these right intact. 

In order to make a claim under the guarantee, the consumer must be able to present proof of the purchase. Customers are advised to keep the original packaging of the goodes. 

For items purchased online and deliverd to the client's home, the client must contact Stesha Wellness customer services and return the item to Stesha Wellness at the client's own expense. 

If a defect is discovered, the client must inform Stesha Wellness as soon as possible. In any case, any defect must be reported by the client within 2 months of its discovery. After that, any right to repair or replacement is extinguished. 

The guarantee (commercial and/or legal) is never applicable to defects caused by accidents, neglect, falls, use of the product contrary to the purpose for which it was designed, non-compliance with the user instructions or manual, modifications or adjustments to the product, heavy-handed use, poor maintenance or any other abnormal or incorrect use. 

Defects that become apparent after a period of 6 months following the date of purchase, or delivery if applicable, are deemed not to be hidden defects, unless the customer can proof otherwise. 


Article 9: Customer Service

The Stesha Wellness customer service department can be contacted on the following telephone number: +3251702293, by e-mail at info@stesha-wellness.com or by post at the following address: Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst. Any complaints may be addressed to this address. 


Article 10: Penalties for non-payment 

Without prejudice to the exercise of other rights held by Stesha Wellness, in case of non-payment or late payment, the client shall be liable, automatically and without warning, with an interest of 10% per year on the unpaid amount. In addition, the client shall, ipso jure and without notice, owe e fixed compensation of 10% on the concerned amount, with a minimum of 25 euro per invoice. 

Without prejudice to the above, Stesha Wellness reserves the right to repossess any item that not is paid for. 


Article 11: Privacy

The controller, Stesha Wellness, respects the Belgian law of 8 december 1992 on the protection of privacy in the processing of personal data. 

The personal data communicated by you, will only be used for the follwing purposes: for the execution of the agreement, transport companies must be given the chance to contact the client in case of problems, order processing, sending newsletters and other advertising and/or marketing purposes. 

You have the legal right to inspect an correct your personal data. Subject to proof your identity (copy of your identity card), you can obtain for a written, dated and signed request to Stesha Wellness, Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst, info@stesha-wellness.com, for the free disclosure of your personal data. If necessary, you can also ask to correct the data that are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant. 

In case of usage of data for direct marketing: you can object free of charge against the use of your data for direct marketing. You can always contact Stesha Wellness, Eugene de Grootelaan 2B, 8650 Houthulst, info@stesha-wellness.com

We treat your data as confidental information and will no pass them on, rent or sell them to third parties. It is possible; however, that personal details may be passed on to companies that work with us to process your order, such as transport companies. 

The customer is responsible for keeping his login data confidential and for the use of his password. Your password is stored in an encrypted form which means that Stesha Wellness has no acces to it. 

Stesha Wellness keeps online (anonymous) visitor statistics in order to see which pages of the internet site are visited and to what extent. 

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us at info@stesha-wellness.com


Article: 12: Use of cookies

During a visit to the site, 'cookies' may be placed on the hard disk of your computer. A cookie is a text file that is placed by a website server in your computer's browser or on your mobile device when you consult a website. Cookies cannot be used to identify individuals; a cookie can only identify a machine. 

First party cookies are technical cookies that are used by the visited site itself and which aim to make the site function optimally. E.g.: settings that the user has made during previous visits to the site, or a pre-filled form with data that the user has made during previous visits