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Buying a swimming pool thermometer
Buying a swimming pool thermometer can be purchased online at Stesha Wellness. If you are reading this, you are already surfing to the right side and you are only a few steps away from finally ordering a swimming pool thermometer. For those who prefer to see the thermometer in real life, you can drop by at our pick-up point during our opening hours. A swimming pool thermometer is a good investment, because this way you can always see how warm it's in the pool. This way you avoid ending up in ice cold water, because you can read how warm the pool water is on the thermometer. 

A trendy and playful swimming pool thermometer
Besides the classic thermometers you will also find trendy and playful swimming pool thermometers. With a nice, beautiful thermometer, you can read off the water temperature and brighten up your pool at once. Among the thermometers you can choose from coloured thermometers, thermometers duo,... Check out our complete range of thermometers online or in our collection point in Houthulst. 

Read the water temperature from the edge
Because most of the thermometers we offer have a handy attachment cord, you can attach the thermometer to the edge of the swimming pool. So you can easily read the temperature of the pool water from the edge of the pool. 

Thermometer for a swimming pool with shutter
In our wide range, we offer the thermometer duo. The thermometer duo is especially developed to be used in a pool with a cover or roller cover. The thermometer can be set on two positions. So you can use it when the cover or roller shutter is not on the water and you can also use it when the pool is covered. Two bird with one stone!