Air mattress pool

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Air mattress pool


Rest, enjoy...
The sun is shining, the holidays have begun and the rest can begin. Lazing around and enjoying the sunshine is possible on an air mattress. In our wide range of air mattresses, we offer many different types. Many different colours and models of inflatable pool mattresses, so there's something for everyone! 

Do you like to float in or on the water?
At Stesha Wellness we give you the choice of a pool air mattress that floats on the water or a pool mattress where your body is partly submerged in the water. if you choose one of our Mesh loungers, you are actually lying on a net, which means that your body is partly in the water and you can enjoy the cooling of the watre. if you choose a mattress that is fully inflated with air, you lie on the mattress and enjoy the warm air more. The choice is yours!