Crazy Dino

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Crazy Dino lunch box

With this cool lunch box by Crazy Dino, your lunch will be a party!On the lunch box there are pictur..

€2.70 Ex Tax: €2.23

Crazy Dino pencil case 3-tier filled

The green dino pencil case is perfect for the dino fans among us!Store all your school supplies in t..

€18.15 Ex Tax: €15.00

Crazy Dino School set 5-tier

With this fun writing set from Crazy Dino, you will be prepared for school!The writing set contains ..

€3.05 Ex Tax: €2.52

Crazy Dino schoolbag 36 cm

This Crazy Dino school bag makes going to school a party!The bag has a print of dinosaurs.The bag ha..

€17.30 Ex Tax: €14.30

Crazy Dino toiletset 6-tier

The Crazy Dino toilet set is perfect for on holiday during a night of camping.The set consists of al..

€11.90 Ex Tax: €9.83

Crazy Dino umbrella 47 cm

With this beautiful umbrella by Crazy Dino, you will always arrive at your destination dry.The umbre..

€7.70 Ex Tax: €6.36

Crazy Dino

Does your child love dinosaurs? Does your child know the online game? Then the accesories of Crazy Dino are something for you.

We have several products of Crazy Dino in our assortment. So you can go to school with your favourite game dino. This with the schoolbag of Crazy Dino. You can fill it with the lunck box and the school set of your favourite Dinosaur. A difficult eater in the house? Maybe the 5-piece breakfast set is the solution.

Do you have a girl who loves Crazy Dino, then the toilet set with the brush, cup, towel, toothbrush holder, toilet bag and spray refill bottle is an ideal gift.

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