Fireman Sam

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Fireman Sam 2 figures and accessories

With this Fireman Sam duo pack, you can re-enact the adventures of you favourite heroes from Pontypa..

€5.75 Ex Tax: €4.75

Fireman Sam Costume set with accessories

The Fireman Sam rescue kit offers everything a real firefighter needs: a protective jacket, a torch,..

€18.15 Ex Tax: €15.00

Fireman Sam Helmet with mic

The Fireman Sam helmet is ideal for the true fan.Get cats out of the highest trees, extinguish the m..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.61

Fireman Sam Mercury snow quad with figure

It snowed all night over Pontypandy!It's inhabitants need your help.Join Sam and his quad Mercury on..

€13.45 Ex Tax: €11.12

Fireman Sam Super Tech Jupiter fire truck

Go on an adventure with your hero and put out fires with the fast fire truck Super Tech Jupiter.You ..

€26.85 Ex Tax: €22.19

Fireman Sam Ultimate Firestation XXL fire station

For fans of Fireman Sam, there is this large, fully equipped fire station.Experience great and excit..

€64.80 Ex Tax: €53.55

Fireman Sam Venus firetruck jeep with figure

Fireman Sam's jeep is being used by Elvis today.He arrives at the scene in not time, marks out a saf..

€16.55 Ex Tax: €13.68

Fireman Sam Walkie Talkie

When Fireman Sam and his friends go on a rescue mission in Pontypandy, good communication is everyth..

€17.55 Ex Tax: €14.50

Fireman Sam Wallaby chopper with figure

Fireman Sam's Wallaby helicopter is flying out today with Tom on board!He can lower himself via the ..

€18.10 Ex Tax: €14.96

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam is the hero of Pontypandy. Together with his friends Station Officer Steele, Elvis Cridlington and Penny Morris, Fireman Sam goes into action when someone is in distress or a fire has broken out somewhere. Somethimes pilot Tom Thomas also comes to the rescue with his helicopter.
Do you have a real Fireman Sam fanatic in your house? We have a lot of Sam's articles in our range. Just think of the different vehicles from the movies. With these, your child can re-enact all heroic adventures at home. Of course, these fire engines need a fire station. We also have the real Fireman Sam Fire Station in our range.
Maybe your child would like to be a Fireman Sam himself. That is also no problem. With the real fireman's outfit, the real fireman's helmet with microphone and the walkie talkies, they can start extinguishing fires right away. Mum and dad, you can go to sleep with an easy mind, because there is a super fireman in the house!

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