Paw Patrol

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Paw Patrol

"Paw Patrol to the lookout!" "Ryder reporting for duty!" "Paw Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir" These are the most familiar phrases just before Chase, Marchall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma and Skye can start a new rescue mission. Is it a problem in Adventure Bay, in the snowy mountains, in the jungle or among the dinosaurs? No problem is too big, no puppy is too small. They can always count on their local friends: Everest, Tracker, Rex and Liberty to help them with their mission. These figures are equally popular with all children and we could not let this go unnoticed at Stesha Wellness. So, quickly discover our fun range of Paw Patrol.


Together with your favourite pups, go and investigate the cause of the problem.  Maybe you will meet Mayor Humdinger and his catastrophe club. Now gather all the puppies together with their base vehicle or their Dino Rescue vehicle. Make sure you don't forget the lookout so the missions can't be compromised. The Paw Patrol Patroller is also a must-have in your collection so you can take the puppies to the mission site. Do you love all the different dinosaurs that need to be rescued? Then you can also find them all in our collection. 


You don't want any play figures? No problem at all. Then we also have swimming trunks, t-shirts, caps, shoes, underwear, beach towels,...


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