Sweet Dreams

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Sweed Dreams pencil case 20 cm

Store all your writing and drawing materials in this transparent pink Sweet Dreams Unicorn pencil ca..

€4.85 Ex Tax: €4.01

Sweet Dream desk lamp

Cute Sweet Dreams Unicorn desk lamp with image of a unicorn with a rainbow.Height: 18 cm.This cute l..

€8.15 Ex Tax: €6.74

Sweet Dream drinking bottle

Handy drinking bottle from Sweet Dreams Unicorn.The resealable drinking bottle is easy to take to sc..

€4.85 Ex Tax: €4.01

Sweet Dream flip-flops

The ideal flip flops for every Sweet Dreams Unicorn fan.Your outfit will be complete with these beau..

€4.85 Ex Tax: €4.01

Sweet Dreams backpack 25 cm

Super nice Sweet Dreams Unicorn backpack.With this magical Sweet Dreams Unicorn backpack you will st..

€19.85 Ex Tax: €16.41

Sweet Dreams bread bin and drinking bottle

Sweet Dreams Unicorn lunch set, this set consists of a lunch box and a water bottle.The lunch box an..

€10.80 Ex Tax: €8.93

Sweet Dreams cap sparkle

Complete your outfit with this beautiful glitter cap!The pink cap has an image of a Unicorn.The viso..

€5.95 Ex Tax: €4.92

Sweet Dreams colour ballpoint 10 colours

With this Sweet Dreams unicorn colour pen, you no longer have an overflowing pencil case but everyth..

€3.15 Ex Tax: €2.60

Sweet Dreams hair brush

Brush your hair with this cheerful Sweet Dreams hairbrush.The hairbrush features an image of a Unico..

€5.70 Ex Tax: €4.71

Sweet Dreams handbag silver

This beautiful Sweet Dreams Unicorn bag is a dream for many girls!On the handbag there is an image o..

€20.70 Ex Tax: €17.11

Sweet Dreams notebook A5 sparkle

Write down your notes and sketches in this holographic unicorn notebook in A5 format.The notebook ha..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €7.02

Sweet Dreams press lamp

The Sweet Dreams Unicorn pressure lamp is super handy in every children's room!Stick the button some..

€7.30 Ex Tax: €6.03

Sweet Dreams purse silver

Make fairy-tale purchases with the Sweet Dreams Unicorn money holder.You can store both notes and co..

€10.45 Ex Tax: €8.64

Sweet Dreams toiletset 6-tier

Sweet Dreams unicorn toilet set.Cute toiletry bag with an image of a colourful Unicorn.The toiletry ..

€10.65 Ex Tax: €8.80

Sweet Dreams toiletset 6-tier

Sweet Dreams unicorn toilet set.Cute toiletry bag with a picture of a colourful Unicorn. The toiletr..

€11.85 Ex Tax: €9.79

Sweet Dreams towel 140 cm x 70 cm

This gorgeous towel is the perfect accessory for any Sweet Dreams Unicorn fan.Towel with a fairytale..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €6.20

Sweet Dreams umbrella 48 cm

You will stay dry while it rains with this beautiful transparent Sweet Dreams unicorn umbrella!The u..

€9.10 Ex Tax: €7.52

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams appeals to many children (especially girls) because of the lovely, cute unicorns. At Stesha Wellness, you will find a lot of fun things with these cute little figures. Discover it all here.

The backpack, pencil case, drinking bottle, colouring pen and lunch box are ideal to take to school. Rain or sun? Sweet Dreams can help with that too. Think of a nice glitter cap or the transparent umbrella.
For those who like to make themselves beautiful we also have the hairbrushes and the toilet sets with brush, cup, toothbrush holder, towel and toilet bag in this assortment. 
You can also take the cute Sweet Dreams unicorn everywhere with you at the weekend with the silver handbag and matching moneybag.

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