Hello kitty

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Hello kitty

Enter the pink world of Hello Kitty
Have lots of fun in the water with Hello Kitty, the girl with the pink bow in her hair! Let your little miracle sail in the Hello Kitty pool on the water scooter, while she has the beautiful pink swimming straps on for safety. She can also have lots of fun with the rubber rings, air mattresses, island and beach ball! Is your little girl or boy crazy about the pink world of Hello Kitty? No problem, in our wide range you will certainly find the right toy to spoil the apple of your eye! 

Long live rain
Proud Belgians, that's what we are! But unfortunately, we also have to take our weather with us. In Belgium, it's not always sunshine. Fortunately, we at Stesha Wellness also offer very attractive toys for indoors. What about the idyllic playhouse of Hello Kitty? A lovely air mattress by Hello Kitty or a cosy chair for your little rascal? Take a look around on our website or drop by our pick-up point in Houthulst.