Diving glasses

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Diving glasses

See more with a diving mask
With a pair of swimming goggles or diving glasses, hours of swimming fun are guaranteed!
Search for as many coins in the water as you can or take the diving bars lying on the bottom of the pool first. With diving goggles, you can see very well underwater in the pool. A diving mask is also an advantage in the sea. Admire the beautiful fish and plants in the sea. A diving mask is a treat for the eyes, because the underwater world can be very beautiful! 

Float like a fish in the water for hours!
With a big mask and snorkel you can look underwater for hours and hours and enjoy! Choose a mask that fits your face and mouth well and enjoy. Enjoy the fish, enjoy the underwater plants, enjoy nature, enjoy the sun and so much more! 

Diving goggles for big and small
Stesha Wellness has a diving mask for every member of the family. Choose a playful frog mask for the smallest ones and for the tough big boys we have the fine black swimming goggles. Take a look at our full range or drop by our pick-up point in Houthulst.