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Cool down safely
Cooling down in the pool with your little one on a hot summer day is great. To be able to cool down carefree, it's best to use swimming straps. In our wide range of armrings, life jackets and buoyancy aids, you're sure to find the perfect jacket, armrings or flotation device for your littel one! 
We have floats that your little one can completely fit into and we also have ones that are not completely closed (an opening at the back), so these animal open floats are easy to apply. 
The armrings for babies are very easy and provide a good balance. With the feet, your little miracle can splash around in the water and the upper body enjoys the sun. The life jackets keep children well above water, using a click system the life jackets are very easy to put on. 

Make swimming a party!
With the armrings you ensure more safety, but the colourful armrings also brighten up the pool! In our wide range you're sure to find the colour or print you want in your pool. Is you child a fan of Cars, Hello Kitty, Planes, Stars, flowers, the Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, animals or 101 Dalmatians? You're sure to find the right swimming tube here! Letting your child choose which swimming tube he or she wants is sure to add to the fun at the pool. 

Don't wait any longer and order!
You don't have to risk the safety of your baby, toddler or child any longer. Modern life jackets and buoyancy aids make it safer for your child to be in the water. Don't forget, always stay with your little one to ensure even more safety!
Order the ideal swimming belt now and have it delivered to your home within a week! Or come and take a look in our local store in Houthulst.