Inflatable animal seat

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Big flamingo island

Giant flamingo island.Cross the pool with this beautiful giant flamingo island, which makes sunbathi..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €30.58

Big swan island

Giant swan island.With two you can swim in the pool on this island, great item for travelling or to ..

€29.50 Ex Tax: €24.38

Big yellow duck island GONE=GONE

Giant yellow duck island.With this beautiful yellow colour, you will certainly sparkle in the pool o..

€29.50 €28.03 Ex Tax: €23.16

Crocodile seat Ride-on

Inflatable crocodile for children to play in the water.Outdoor toys from Intex.Size: 203 cm x 114 cm..

€14.10 Ex Tax: €11.65

Dolphin seat Ride-on

Inflatable dolphin for children.Outdoor toy from Intex.Size: 201 cm x 76 cm.Age: 3+...

€7.20 Ex Tax: €5.95

Flamingo party island

Flamingo party island.This party island has a built-in cooler, a soft seating area and a removable b..

€136.00 Ex Tax: €112.40

Flamingo seat ride-on

Flamingo ride-on seat.Fun for your children to play with in the water is this beautifully finished f..

€15.90 Ex Tax: €13.14

Giant unicorn island

With this colourful, giant unicorn you will certainly be the star on the water.The unicorn has a lar..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.75

Lama seat ride-on

The lama ride-on seat should definitely not be missing from your toy collection this summer, float a..

€16.30 Ex Tax: €13.47

Large white shark ride-on

The inflatable animals from Intex are fun for children to play with in the water, children can sit o..

€8.30 Ex Tax: €6.86

Little crocodile ride-on seat

Inflatable crocodile for children to play in the water.Outdoor toys from Intex.Dimensions: 168 cm x ..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.61

Little whale seat Ride-on

Inflatable whale for children.Outdoor toy from Intex.Size: 152 cm x 114 cm.Age: 3+...

€9.30 Ex Tax: €7.69

Lobster seat ride-on

Lobster seat ride-on.For several children to sit together, this lobster seat is ideal, it has two ha..

€18.30 Ex Tax: €15.12

Mini water toys animals

Inflatable figures in different animal species.Outdoor toys for children from Intex.Age: 2+...

€1.60 Ex Tax: €1.32

Peacock island

Peacock island.This beautiful island has three air chambers and two handles.Size: 193 cm x 163 cm x ..

€17.70 Ex Tax: €14.63

Realistic crocodile seat ride-on

Realistic crocodile ride-on.Scare your friends by using this crocodile that looks exactly like the r..

€8.20 Ex Tax: €6.78

Stingray ride-on seat

This stingray seat has a photo realistic print and is equipped with two handles to hold on to.The st..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.33

Swan seat ride-on

Enjoy the nice weather and cool down with this Swan ride-on seat.Dimensions: 130 cm x 102 cm x 99 cm..

€10.15 Ex Tax: €8.39

Tropical flamingo seat ride-on

Are you ready for THE summer adventure of your life?Nothing is as cool as this inflatable flamingo, ..

€17.60 Ex Tax: €14.55

Turtle seat Ride-on

Large inflatable sea turtle for playing on the water.Outdoor toys for children, from Intex.Dimension..

€11.50 Ex Tax: €9.50

Unicorn party island

This party island has a built-in cooler, a soft seating area and a removable boarding platform.For s..

€150.00 Ex Tax: €123.97

Unicorn seat ride-on

This colourful unicorn has two handles and two air chambers.Size: 201 cm x 140 cm x 97 cm.0,30 mm vi..

€15.20 Ex Tax: €12.56

Whale seat Ride-on

Inflatable whale for children.Outdoor toy from Intex.Size: 193 cm x 119 cm.Age: 3+...

€14.80 Ex Tax: €12.23

Yellow duck seat ride-on

Yellow duck seat ride-on.Beautiful and fun for both adults and children is this yellow duch seat rid..

€15.80 Ex Tax: €13.06

Inflatable animal seat

Let your little wonder be the king of the pool
By letting your child sit on the inflatable seat, he/she sits higher than the rest and it feels great! The beautiful inflatable animals from Intex add extra colour to your pool and make it even more attractive to play in. With the inflatable animal seats, your little one will love to invite friends over. Ideal for use at summer parties, birthday parties and pool parties! 

Romp around with your favourite animal or vehicle in the water
Jump on the inflatable crocodile and oy, splash back into the water. Sit together with your brother or sister on the beautiful red lobster and chase all the other animals. Race to the other side of the pool on the jet ski and see who wins.... You or your sister? 
Show off the prettiest red Cars car in the pool while you sit on top of it. Pick your victim, fly a little closer and bam, splash him or her. Or have you ever wanted to tame a great white shark? Sit on top of the wite shark and be the king of the sea! 

Float in the water together
Your child meets friends while travelling and wants to cool off in the pool with them. No problem, in our wide range of inflatable seats you will find a whale, a lobster and a crocodile. In the rowboats section, you will also find various boats and rafts on which children can float together and play in the pool, river or sea.