Inflatable ride-on seat

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Inflatable ride-on seat

Dreams come true with Stesha Wellness
Does the apple of your eye dream of owning a jet ski or riding with Lightning McQueen?
With the inflatable ride-on seats from Intex, your child can live out his or her biggest dreams! Flying along on a perilous dragon or galloping with a magical unicorn. We are here to help you make your little one's draems come true.

Sturdy handle
All inflatable ride-on seats are equipped with a sturdy handle, which makes it less likely that the children will fall off the seat into the water. This provides a more secure feeling while your child is floating on his or her favourite figure, for both your child and mum and dad.

Would you like there to be extra sturdiness in order to stay on the seat? That's possible, because in addition to the sturdy handles, some seats have a lower widened band that floats on the water. This band can be used by your child as a footrest. You will find the widened strap on the jet ski and the unicorn.

Order quickly and easily
Order the seat your child dreams of quickly and easily via our webshop and have it delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later. Not a fan of ordering online? Then you can always visit us in our shop in Houthulst.