Inflatable watergame

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Ball game neoprene

You can also play sports in your pool with your friends with this ball game neoprene.Available in th..

€9.10 Ex Tax: €7.52

Surfboard Kerlis

Ideal for young people to surf on the water is this surfboard from Kerlis, equipped with two handles..

€10.75 Ex Tax: €8.88

Volleybal game for built-in swimming pool

Set of two poles with play net, play net has a lenght of 7m.Sports ball not included.Dimensions: dia..

€76.00 Ex Tax: €62.81

Volleybal pool game XL Kerlis

Fun game to sport in the pool together with friends is this Volleyball game from Kerlis.Dimensions: ..

€21.20 Ex Tax: €17.52

Waterpolo pool game

Pool water game water polo for both children and adults.Dimensions: 145 cm x 75 cm x 90 cm.Age: 6+..

€19.70 Ex Tax: €16.28

Inflatable watergame

Share your fun with friends and family
Playing a game brings people closer. Invite your friends and family and have fun for hours! The inflatable water games can be played in the water, but also in the garden, on the terrace or on the beach. The inflatable water games are also suitable for a splashing garden or barbecue party.

Don't get bored with the right water games
With the right water games, you will never be bored. Do you like to play football, choose a goal pool game. If you prefer to play with two, choose the catch-and-throw game with ball game neoprene. Or if you play alone, you can coose the mini basketball ring, the super cool surfboard or one of the other inflatable water games.