Baby and toddler toys

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ABC baby playset, ring pyramid, blocks tower and inset shapes

The ABC baby play set offers lots of possibilities.The play set contains a ring pyramid, a block tow..

€12.20 Ex Tax: €10.08

ABC cuddle doll 38 cm

Cuddles are a form of affection that children of 6 months and older are ready to pass on to their fa..

€8.85 Ex Tax: €7.31

ABC music strap

Dance and move with the ABC musical sling!The sling is a musical toy with many learning activities.P..

€6.95 Ex Tax: €5.74

ABC musical animals on wheels

Discover the world of play with the ABC musical animals on wheels!The toys from ABC are specially de..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.44

ABC musical animals with lateral press buttons

Your baby will have lots of fun with this ABC lion and hippopotamus on wheels.Press one of the five ..

€5.35 Ex Tax: €4.42

ABC telephone

Hello?Who am I speaking to?With the ABC telephone and a bit of imagination, your little one can call..

€10.90 Ex Tax: €9.01

Baby animal piano

Animal piano for the little ones.With this piano, your baby can discover all kinds of animal sounds,..

€13.30 Ex Tax: €10.99

Bumba Activity cube

Press the interactive buttons or turn the pointer and learn about Bumba and his friends, colours, nu..

€45.85 Ex Tax: €37.89

Bumba dress

Who doesn't want to be a clown in the circus?Turn your little one into a real clown!Another circus t..

€17.00 Ex Tax: €14.05

Bumba elephant cart with soft blocks

A super fun trolley in the shape of a baby elephant that you can take everywhere with you, including..

€25.90 Ex Tax: €21.41

Bumba magnetic drawing board

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this magnetic drawing board and Bumba and his frie..

€13.90 Ex Tax: €11.49

Bumba quizzy Bumba

Quizzy is an engaging, educational and fun game for toddlers.This educational game helps to improve ..

€8.40 Ex Tax: €6.94

Clementoni Baby Park Activity table

An interactive electronic activity table set in the fun world of amusement parks.Contains many activ..

€30.45 Ex Tax: €25.17

Eichhorn Carn- and ball track

The wooden Eihhorn car and ball track introduces children to the principle of rolling and falling.Pl..

€44.25 Ex Tax: €36.57

Eichhorn House with inset shape

12 Different colourful blocks all have a farm entrance.From the trusted and educational brand Eichho..

€16.65 Ex Tax: €13.76

Eichhorn labyrinth crab

Eichhorn spiral game in the shape of a crab. The Eichhorn spiral game has a red large crab.The colou..

€16.65 Ex Tax: €13.76

Eichhorn Wooden play figure Caterpillar

The Eichhorn wooden caterpillar is a fun, colourful toy for children of 12 months and older.The 10 c..

€3.45 Ex Tax: €2.85

Eichhorn Wooden train with blocks

Experience many train adventures with this beautiful wooden Eichhorn with 1 locomotive and 2 wagons...

€16.40 Ex Tax: €13.55

Peppa Pig Mini Buggy vehicle

Peppa Pig and her friends are ready to go for a ride in these cute mini buggies.Peppa can ride aroun..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €6.20

Vtech Baby Maxi Trotto Loco 5 in 1

Welcome aboard, we are going on an adventure!Play with the 13 blocks and learn letters, lette sounds..

€68.00 Ex Tax: €56.20

Vtech baby my first wheel

Turn the wheel and go on an adventure!This wheel has three play modes that introduce little ones to ..

€20.40 Ex Tax: €16.86

Vtech baby telephone with light and sound

Who is calling? Discover numbers, animals, colours and letters of the alphabet.Press the flashing me..

€14.15 Ex Tax: €11.69

Vtech Baby Walker

Specially designed for children from 9 months.The interactive activity panel is removable so that it..

€43.40 Ex Tax: €35.87

Vtech Baby Walker pink

Vtech's baby walker is specially designed for children from 9 months.The interactive activity panel ..

€43.40 Ex Tax: €35.87

Vtech Magibook numbers discovering with Scout & Violet

Interactive booklet suitable for MagiBook with 32 illustrated pages that introduce you to the number..

€11.45 Ex Tax: €9.46

Vtech Magibook The Lion King Sima's surprise

Find out what Simba has a surprise in store for his good friends Timon and Pumbaa!Book with 32 illus..

€11.45 Ex Tax: €9.46

Baby and toddler toys

Baby and toddler toys
Babies and toddlers have a lot to discover and learn. Think of learning to sit, stand, walk, learn shapes, discouver colours, learn language,...
At Stesha Wellness, we have a lot of toys that can help them with this. Just think of the various articles from Vtech that stimulate children in their fine motor skills, learning to stand and walk. As soon as your baby can sit up, he or she can already discover a great deal. My First Steering Wheel from Vtech is something that they can already discover a lot of sounds, lights and activities with. For learning to stand and walk we have the Baby Walkers and the Baby maxi trotto Loco 5 in 1. They can be occupied for a long time with this train because there are many different activities.

Wooden toys
Do you personally prefer wooden toys, whether or not because they are better for the environment? We have also thought about that, because we have a lot of Eichhorn product in our range. Just think of the car and ball track where your toddler can discover how things fall down or the little house with slot-in shapes, which is ideal to learn about shapes and colours, the crab labyrinth is very good to practice their fine motor skills,...

Quick and easy ordering
Discover our full range here. You can order all articles quickly and easily at our webshop and have them delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later. Do you prefer not to order online? Then you can always visit us in our shop in Houthulst.