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Baby Nurse Smoby cradle

The Baby Nurse rocking cradle by Smoby is perfect in design and weight for small children up to 18 m..

€26.15 Ex Tax: €21.61

Baby Nurse Smoby Doll car

Go out with your favourite doll in the super cute Baby Nurse baby pram.Thanks to the ergonomic handl..

€32.60 Ex Tax: €26.94

Baby Nurse Smoby furniture

With the Baby Nurse care cabinet, you have everything you need to take good care of your doll.Feedin..

€89.60 Ex Tax: €74.05

Baby Nurse Smoby Sleeping Bed

The Smoby Baby Nurse changing table is exactly what your little darling needs: as soon as your cute ..

€43.85 Ex Tax: €36.24

Baby Nurse Smoby swing cradle

The cradle for your favourite doll is also a doll's bed.With the beautifully designed cradle in your..

€17.85 Ex Tax: €14.75

Born Baby Born Magic girl 43 cm

It's time to go to sleep, this Baby Born girl baby doesn't feel like closing her eyes yet, don't pan..

€54.50 Ex Tax: €45.04

Carriage 3 in 1 blue / pink

Do you like to go out with your doll?Then this pram is definitely for you!You can take your little d..

€76.30 Ex Tax: €63.06

My Girl make-up Doll

Practice the most beautiful hairstyles on this blonde hairdresser.Brush the hair and fix it with the..

€10.90 Ex Tax: €9.01

New Born Baby caretaking set boy

The New Born Baby boy with drink and pee function comes with many accessories and makes it so easy t..

€21.75 Ex Tax: €17.98

New Born Baby Drink- and pee doll Afro-American girl 30 cm

Take care of this New Born Baby Afro-American doll with lots of love.When you give her a bottle, she..

€10.90 Ex Tax: €9.01

New Born Baby Drink- and pee doll girl 30 cm

This sweet New Born Baby is looking for a real mama or papa.The doll looks cute in her pink outfit, ..

€10.35 Ex Tax: €8.55

New Born Baby drink- and pee doll girl light brown

Become the best mini mum or dad in the world with this New born baby doll.Take the doll for a walk o..

€21.75 Ex Tax: €17.98

New Born Baby Panty's for doll 38-43 cm

Nothing is more fun for your baby doll to play with comfortably, with these tights for the New Born ..

€5.20 Ex Tax: €4.30

Smoby baby Nurse 2 in 1 baby seat twins

With the Baby Nurse high chair for twins you can feed two of your baby dolls at the same time!Follow..

€24.35 Ex Tax: €20.12

Smoby Baby Nurse babyseat

With Baby Nurse's baby chair you can easily feed your baby!Follow the gestures of your mum or dad, a..

€17.25 Ex Tax: €14.26

Steffi Animal World

Steffi and Evi love animals very much.They take care of them as carefully as possible in their anima..

€17.10 Ex Tax: €14.13

Steffi Babysitter 29 cm

Super Steffi takes care of 2 babies at the same time, one on the arm, the other in the Maxi-Cosi.Wit..

€6.30 Ex Tax: €5.21

Steffi Ballerina 29 cm

This Steffi Love Ballerina dances her way into the hearts of all girls.She gives the best performanc..

€5.10 Ex Tax: €4.21

Steffi bedroom

Steffi's beautiful bedromm has a pink and purple design and creates the perfect atmosphere for a goo..

€9.30 Ex Tax: €7.69

Steffi Beetle cabriolet

Experience great adventures in Steffi's VW Beetle Convertible.The car has four seats, the doors open..

€24.85 Ex Tax: €20.54

Steffi City scooter with doll

Steffi is ready!Experience new adventures with Steffi and her pink scooter.Put on Steffi's helmet, s..

€14.35 Ex Tax: €11.86

Steffi Dream castle

Steffi and Evi live as 2 princesses together with their favourite animals in a fairy-tale castle.Tea..

€56.95 Ex Tax: €47.07

Steffi Familybox

You can find your favourite dolls in the Steffi family box!Steffi, Kevin, Evi and Timmy are waiting ..

€11.45 Ex Tax: €9.46

Steffi Fashion deluxe 29 cm

No matter which dress Steffi puts on, she always looks fairy-tale pretty!And with the shoes and othe..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Steffi Gala fashion princess

Steffi is going to the ball in a dreamy dress finished with glitter and flowers.Everyone will be ama..

€7.35 Ex Tax: €6.07

Steffi Hair Stylist hairstylist 29 cm

Steffi has beautiful long hair that can have a lot of different hairstyles.With the included brush, ..

€8.65 Ex Tax: €7.15

Steffi Happy Family

Steffi Love happy family.Pregnant Steffi and Kevin walking with their little daughter.Various access..

€13.90 Ex Tax: €11.49

Steffi Kitchen

Modern kitchen for Steffi.The furniture is decorated in a trendy style, with butterflies.The kitchen..

€9.30 Ex Tax: €7.69

Steffi Kitchen studio

In Steffi's new kitchen you will find everything a professional cook needs.Fridge, microwave, cooker..

€15.10 Ex Tax: €12.48

Steffi Large dollhouse

Experience the most wonderful adventures in this wonderful dream house by Steffi Love.The house cons..

€104.00 Ex Tax: €85.95

Steffi Magic Ice princess 29 cm

Steffi Love is ar real ice princess.With her beautiful turquoise dress with ice crystals and her won..

€8.65 Ex Tax: €7.15

Steffi Mermaid 29 cm

Dive with Steffi the Mermaid through the wonderful underwater world.Thanks to her beautiful flippers..

€4.70 Ex Tax: €3.88

Steffi Mermaid friends

Doll Steffi Love and sister Evi Love are two fat mermaid friends.Together with their pink dolphin, t..

€10.40 Ex Tax: €8.60

Steffi pet salon

Steffi runs a pet salon.She has a multi-purpose cabinet in which she keeps the grooming attributes.O..

€10.25 Ex Tax: €8.47

Steffi Rapunzel 29 cm

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair!Steffi is going after the famous princess: brush and comb..

€8.10 Ex Tax: €6.69

Steffi Sunshine Twins

Steffi goes on an adventure with the twins.Fortunately, the weather is nice today.Steffi has everyth..

€10.40 Ex Tax: €8.60

Steffi Swap 29 cm

Steffi is wearing a beautiful dress that also changes colour when you rub your hands on it!So Steffi..

€5.20 Ex Tax: €4.30

Steffi Welcome baby

Steffi is pregnant and you can experience that together with her!Prepare for motherhood by shopping ..

€5.65 Ex Tax: €4.67

Steffi with horse 29 cm

Steffi (29 cm) enjoys the fantastic ride on her horse. Steffi is fully mobile and wears a fashionabl..

€14.70 Ex Tax: €12.15


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Our baby dolls are looking for a real mini mommy or daddy. Every baby doll dreams of receiving the best care and being pampered. Give your favourite doll a bath, feed it, put it to bed or take it out for a walk with our wide range of baby nurse and New Born Baby doll toys.

Steffi Love
Steffi Love is a lovely doll from Simba. She goes out with her family, dresses up as a mermaid and can even work as a veterinarian. Choose your favourite Steffi Love at Stesha Wellness and play out your favourite adventures.

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