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Dickie Mighty Excavator with controller

The Mighty Excavator: remote-controlled excavator is a real monster with its fully rotatable upper p..

€45.55 Ex Tax: €37.64

Tractor with trailer and cargo 52 cm x 11 cm x 15,5 cm

Bring the wood to the wood station with this tractor and trailer.Contents: tractor with trailer, tre..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.45


A yard in your living room
With work vehicles such as cranes, all construction sites are constantly on the move. Do you have a little builder at home? Let him do his work. With the remote-controlled excavator, he can dig up his own land and look for raw materials, maybe find some gems. But what do you do with all the excavated soil? A tractor could come in handy here. And what if there is too much work for one crane on the site? We at Stesha Wellness have also thought of that. Take a quick look at the Cars category, because there you will find the ideal helpers, such as the little excavators and trucks, to help haul away the excess soil.

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